Finding others who identify with and relate to the same things as you can be a magical feeling. If you’re able to create art that is that connecting factor for people, it’s even more magical. Here’s how you can build a music community, and bring people together with your creations.

Loyal fans are the backbone of every music artist’s career, independent or not. Building a music community can help to propel your career, provide valuable moral support, and make creating a less lonely place. We’ve got some top tips on how to grow your community and fanbase.

There are plenty of artists out there that are determined to make it on their own. For whatever reason, many creators see going it alone as a sign of strength, or that asking for help undermines their creative abilities. We know this for a fact: that’s a sad way to chase your dreams.

Community is all about recognising that experiences and happiness are best shared. There’s strength in numbers, and leaning on one another is a beautiful thing. As an artist, having a supportive music community around you means that when you succeed, your fans also succeed. Sharing these wins is what makes the work and effort all the more worthwhile.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply magic a solid community out of thin air. Gathering some loyal fans together takes a bit of work and effort. But, it doesn’t have to be super difficult. We understand that artists are very busy creating, recording, even working full-time in other roles to support themselves. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful list of easy ways you can build a music community.

Hit Up Social Media

The beauty of social media is that it’s free for anyone to use. Of course, you can pay for advertising or boosted posts, but you absolutely don’t have to. There are some free tactics that can help you grow a social media channel organically:

  • Post consistently – Not only do followers want fresh content to feast their eyes on, you’re also at the mercy of the enigmatic algorithm. If you’re trying to become visible in a sea of creators, consistent content is the key.
  • Engage with followers – Social media is a two-way street. You’re far more likely to get engagement on your content, if you engage with others too. Like posts, comment and start conversations with followers. This all makes for a friendlier community.
  • Follow relevant profiles – If you follow profiles relevant to you (other musicians, labels, that sort of thing) you’re likelier to have your profile pushed towards the right audience.
  • Target the right audience – Rather than just relying on algorithms putting you in front of the right people, you can target them deliberately. Figure out who your ideal audience is, and then create the sort of content they would like. You can also use keywords and hashtags that are going to appeal to them.
  • Create video content – Audiences resonate with people’s faces, so introduce yourself. Video content is favoured across many platforms, so combining these two elements together will help you win followers.

Of course, you’re here to grow a career in music, not content creation or social media. But, the world exists online so much now, it’s prudent to make use of the digital tools available to you. Once you find a rhythm that works for you, social media outreach can become fairly routine and straightforward.

Go to Gigs

A music community can exist online, but don’t forget the local music scene on your doorstep! Getting familiar with other local artists and gig-goers will help solidify you as part of the local music scene. These make for some of the strongest and most dedicated music communities there are.

You’ve either heard of this, or have done it yourself: seeing a local band absolutely kill it live at a hometown gig, and then followed them to other shows as they gain popularity. Well, there’s nothing to say this couldn’t happen to you. If you get chatting to other local bands, you could end up doing shows together and sharing a community and fanbase.

Don’t Obsess Over Numbers

If you get too hung up on how many followers you have on various social media channels or music streaming platforms, you’ll drive yourself mad.

Sure, getting more streams on platforms is desirable. It means more revenue, which can fund future projects. But, with social media, focus on quality instead of quantity. Lots of people buy followers in order to boost their numbers up. Those sorts of followers don’t engage, or become part of your community.

Focus on creating great music, and being your authentic self online, and you’ll attract like-minded people that are keen to follow your musical journey.

Share Royalties via NFTs

Music NFTs aren’t just things that high profile artists and seasoned crypto collectors dabble with. They come in a variety of forms, and can be affordable or ridiculously expensive. The NFT space comes with its own community, but they’re a perfect way to build your own music community too.

At Fractis, our favourite type of NFT is the type that allows artists to share their music streaming royalties. By attaching a fraction of your streaming royalties to NFTs, fans can connect with you on a whole deeper level. The instant revenue generated from selling NFTs enables you to fund future music projects, go on tour, or buy equipment for recording. Fans can feel responsible for helping you to create your music, and a dedicated community is formed.

Fractis is a fractionalised streaming royalty NFT marketplace that enables artists to create and sell NFTs, leaving full control in their hands. Artists set the price, the percentage share, and decide how many NFTs they create.

This is a new and exciting way to create connections with fans, whilst allowing them to become a direct part of their music career journey.

Learn more about how you can build a music community through music royalties NFTs right here!