Music fans: you’re some of the best in the world. Supporters of art, creativity, individuality, and inclusivity, you come together to form amazing communities. Beyond buying records, tickets, and merch, you can be an even bigger fan. At Fractis, we have the key!

Have you ever loved a band or artist so much you just wished you could support them even more than you already do? Attending every single festival appearance just isn’t realistic. Fortunately, Fractis has a way you can be a bigger fan of artists, without being out of pocket.

It might sound icky, a company saying they love music but, we really honestly do.

Personally, I’ve studied music since the age of 14. I have bought more NME magazines over the years than I can count. When I’d saved up enough, as a kid, I’d spend pocket money and earnings from shifts at chip shops on records and gig tickets.

I wanted so desperately to attend different music festivals and follow some of my favourite artists. I’d traipse through the train stations of southern England looking like a campsite turtle, arms being gradually stretched by the weight of dodgy tents and crates of cider. All so I could work ungodly hours as bar or catering crew at festivals. The hope of catching the last 15 minutes of a beloved band’s set willing me through the slog.

When we love something, we strive to be a part of it and preserve it. The drive to support local scenes, home-grown festivals, and independent artists stays with me today. I only wish I could afford to go to every gig I saw advertised. Or, buy every debut album from my favourite labels. Alas, adult life is full of rising bills and vans that always break down…

Thanks to new technologies, like the blockchain and NFTs, there are other ways to show your devotion to music. You don’t have to be a huge NFT fan – it’s okay to question whether NFTs are dying, or wonder what they can actually do for you.

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What Is Fractis?
How Does It Work?
Why Music Streaming?
Be a Bigger Fan & Promoter
Royalty Sharing Made Simple with NFTs

What Is Fractis?

Fractis is a music NFT marketplace with a difference.

Wondering why Fractis and NFTs have anything to do with becoming a bigger fan? Well, it’s all down to the type of NFT you can buy on Fractis.

If you’re sceptical around NFTs, you may not realise that they can be so much more than profile pictures or digital artwork. NFTs with utility (real-world uses) offer an array of advantages to both the creator and the holder. The utility, in this case, comes from digital music streaming royalties.

When an artist has their music available for streaming on platforms like Spotify or Tidal, they can earn revenue. This comes from the number of plays and listens their music receives each month. Depending on the platform, the amount of revenue generated per play varies.

Thanks to our official partner, leading digital music distribution company RouteNote, artists can turn their music streaming royalties into NFTs. Fans can then invest in music created by artists they love, directly supporting them.

How Does It Work?

When artists create NFTs on Fractis, they get the final say on everything. They choose which songs they turn into NFTs, how many NFTs they create, and the percentage of royalties attached to each one. On top of this, they decide how much they sell the NFTs for.

What’s great about this is, when you buy an NFT, smart contracts ensure everything goes to the right place immediately. The NFT lands in your wallet, and the money you pay goes directly to the artist you’re supporting. Artists can sell off a fraction of their royalties, in exchange for instant revenue (rather than waiting for monthly payments) that they can spend on future projects or living.

If an artist grows in popularity, garnering more monthly streams, the NFT representing their fractionalised royalties will rise in value. Fans can either keep hold of the NFT and enjoy the increased passive income each month, or they can sell it on the secondary market for one chunk of revenue. Ensuring a fairer ecosystem, the original NFT creator will receive a share of this resale revenue, the percentage of which they will decide when creating the token initially.

It couldn’t be easier for you to sign up and start buying NFTs on the Fractis marketplace. All you need to do is create a wallet (we recommend Phantom, which is compatible with the blockchain Fractis is built on – Solana!) Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to start buying NFTs and growing into the bigger fan you want to be.

Why Music Streaming?

Digital collectibles is the type of NFT that is most well-known and prevalent in the mainstream media. To the point where many people erroneously use the phrase interchangeably. Mostly, these collectibles come in the form of artwork and digital drawings, like the BAYC collection.

Why didn’t Fractis go for this type of NFT, then?

We chose music streaming royalties partly because they’re a productive asset class. This type of asset is able to earn or produce something of value themselves. Rather than just sitting there, like a picture or a lump of shiny metal, music streaming royalties keep ticking over – provided the music is listened to!

In terms of the music industry, digital streaming is showing no signs of slowing down. Originally, streaming has its roots in peer to peer file sharing sites like Napster. iTunes and YouTube also contributed to the early days of digital streaming. However, it has grown rapidly since the launch of Spotify in 2011, which has 365 million monthly active users. Nowadays, music streaming accounts for 65% of global recorded music revenue. This segment of the industry is predicted to show an annual growth rate of 5.14%, reaching US$18.56bn by 2027.

This growth makes music streaming royalties an exciting asset, as well as being a major aspect of musicians’ overall earnings. For new and independent artists, streaming royalties play a huge role in getting a career off the ground. Tours and live performances can be costly. Fractis enables these artists to access funding they might not have been able to before. If an artist has monthly listens and a few supportive fans, they could get the musical ball rolling much faster than they might on their own.

Be a Bigger Fan & Promoter

All great artists need great hype people. Promoters who shout from the rooftops about the talent and potential of artists are invaluable to the music industry. Acting as a weather vane for new music, these sorts of fans help to forge new communities as well as launch careers.

If you have a favourite artist that is yet to be recognised, you can still support them. If they create NFT royalty shares, even without a huge number of monthly listens, you can essentially bet on them. Test out your A&R abilities, and let everyone know they’re going to be the next big thing. Back up-and-coming acts by helping to fund their projects, so that more people can discover and enjoy them.

You get to see an artist you love succeed, all while boosting your passive income and increasing the value of your NFT!

Royalty Sharing Made Simple with NFTs

Without NFTs and the blockchain, it would be difficult to distribute music rights and royalties to fans. Of course, people can buy royalty shares off chain. The drawback here is this is usually reserved for legacy artists and giant investment firms.

By utilising this exciting new technology, long-winded and complex processes have been made simple. Sending and signing contracts, delivering payments, storing records, is all done in one super speedy transaction. Since everything is visible on the blockchain, there can be no doubt about who owns what portion of a song’s royalties.

No confusion, no complication, just simple music streaming royalties collection.

Sign up to Fractis today, and be ready to become an even bigger fan of music than you were before!