If you thought music NFTs were reserved for electronic genres, think again. Pianist and writer, James Rhodes is releasing a new album, including a limited number of digital pressings. Find out more about this history-making classical music NFT here.

The joy of music NFTs is that any kind of music can be linked to these digital tokens. However, it’s not typical for a classical music NFT to spring to mind when mentioning this topic. History is set to be made by James Rhodes, with his upcoming NFT debut.

The list of various types of NFTs is long. All sorts of assets and items can be attached to non-fungible tokens, from houses to JPEGs. Needless to say, any genre of music can be turned into an NFT and placed on the blockchain. But, probably not surprisingly, not every genre is as represented as others.

Blockchain technology and NFTs is all still relatively new. This technological advancement has gone hand in hand with music that reflects the same sort of digital adventuring. Various electronic styles of music have become synonymous with NFTs. Plenty of pop and rock groups have involved themselves in the technology, though. Muse became the first group to ever reach number 1 in the UK charts with an album that was available as an NFT.

Now, history is being made again. This time, through beautifully juxtaposing, traditionally classical music.

Vitamin C

Pianist and writer, James Rhodes has teamed up with Serenade, a leading web3 music platform, to produce a limited number of digital pressings of the NFT album. Describing itself as the “home of eco-friendly digital collectibles”, Serenade is the same platform that teamed up with Muse on their latest album.

The new classical music NFT from James Rhodes is titled, Vitamin C, is set to send shockwaves through the industry. The musical work is expected to set a fantastic example to others about what a music NFT can be.

Alongside Serenade’s digital pressings, independent record label Signum Classics will also be releasing Vitamin C. As a result, Rhodes will be able to tap into both markets; traditional music lovers and NFT collectors.

Before the full album is released, Rhodes will be dropping several singles. These tracks will be available on major streaming platforms, as well as limied digital pressings. The first single is set to be Chopin’s Mazurka, Op. 17, No. 4, with just 25 copies being made available as digital pressings from the 15th of February.

Classical Music NFT Perks

Those getting involved in the new way to consume and collect music will get access to additional perks when buying an NFT version of Vitamin C.

An HD audio recording or the album is on offer. But, NFT holders can hear exclusive content featuring Rhodes discussing the album. It’s not unusual for NFT albums to come with bonus perks. Previously, others have unlocked lifetime gig tickets, exclusive artwork, and fan club membership.

On the Album

Rhodes has talked about his classical music NFT album as being “a monster dose of Vitamin C for the soul”. The Spanish writer and pianist also explained, “It’s been a while since my last album and I have chosen to record a few of the pieces that have had the most impact on me and given me the most comfort.”

“Every piece on this album has a similar story of inspiration and hope for me.”

James Rhodes

Founder of Serenade Max Shand said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with James and Signum on the first classical album in the digital pressing format. Working with an artist as eclectic, talented and passionate as James is an honour and we’re hugely grateful to have been entrusted with this album.

“Delivering more meaningful fan experiences through the ownership of music is central to our mission and we eagerly anticipate welcoming fans of James to our platform as collectors.”

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