Ex-president, Donald Trump, has announced a collection of new NFTs, available for $99 each. Impressively, the billionaire has found time to peddle his Trump superhero digital trading cards, whilst also running for president for the third time.

If there’s a crypto fan in your life, and you’ve been struggling to think of the perfect Christmas gift for them, don’t worry – Donald Trump has got you covered! A collection of new NFTs, showing the ex-president in some pretty heroic poses, has just become available.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump teased at a “big announcement”. This had speculators guessing at what the big news could be. With Trump running, once again, for president in the 2024 elections, many were making political speculations. Some felt this announcement could be the revelation of a running mate for the elections.

Far too sensible.

Instead, Trump’s big announcement was an interesting collection of new NFTs. The business man and ex-president made this announcement on his own social media platform, Truth Social. This being his preferred social channel, after being banned from Twitter following a turbulent transition out of The White House.

In a video clip, Trump claimed to be a better president than both Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. The rest of the video remained equally as humble, as an animated version of Trump as a superhero, posing outside Trump Tower and shooting laser beams from his eyes, burst forth.

Trump’s news stated that you could collect Trump cards featuring “amazing art of [his] life and career”. He explained that these NFTs were very much like baseball cards, only much more exciting. Collect them and store them on your phone or computer, for just $99 a pop. Thoughfully, Trump pointed out these NFTs would make the perfect Christmas gift.

Trump Digital Art

The animated artwork on offer in Trump’s new collection included the man himself as a superhero, as well a suited and booted Trump, ready for a fine dining or theatre event.

Each collectible featured artwork pertaining to Trump’s life and career. There was even a digital collectible card with cartoon Trump riding a red, white, and blue elephant – remember when that happened?

Sweepstake Prizes

Many digital collectible NFTs need to have additional perks attached, in order to make them more of an appealing purchase. Classic examples of this are NFT music albums, plus lifetime access to live performances. Or, a digital collectible and inclusion to a fan club or similar.

Trump Digital Trading Cards come with automatic entry into a sweepstake with an array of Trumpy prizes. Collectors have the chance to win a Miami dinner with Trump, take a group of friends to play golf on one of his many courses, or enjoy a one-to-one meeting with Trump. These prizes are just some of the apparent thousands on offer.

Trump’s New NFTs Mocked

It probably won’t come as a shock to learn that Trump’s announcement was met with some less than favourable reactions. Not only have social media users had some choice things to say, some high-profile Republicans have also made their feelings known.

Steve Bannon, a right-wing media commentator and former chief strategist for Trump, said “I can’t do this anymore” on his podcast. He went onto to suggest that anyone involved in the NFT project ought to be fired.

President Joe Biden seemingly made a dig at Trump in a tweet he shared.

It has been clairified that the money generated from NFT sales will not go towards Trump’s presidential race, or indeed anything political. People online have speculated that the NFT collection is to help fund the legal battles that Trump is currently embroiled in.

A Sell-Out Collection

Despite the jibes, Trump’s first every collection of digital trading cards sold out in around 12 hours. All 45,000 NFTs were sold on the Polygon blockchain.

Each NFT was priced at $99. That means that a total of $4.45 million was raised from the sale of the collection. The creators of the NFTs will also receive a 10% resale share on OpenSea. Secondary sales have already taken place, with traders having spent over $406,000 (320 ETH) buying and selling these new NFTs.

It is unclear where exactly the money raised will go, to who, and how. NFT INT is the company behind the collection. Its website states that NFT INT LLC is not owned by Trump, and that Trump himself is not behind the collection. Instead, Mr Trump has licensed his name, image, and likeness for the project.

If you’re, understandably, eager to add a Trump tradin card to your NFT collection, head to OpenSea to start trading.

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