If “make better choices” is one of your New Year’s resolutions, we’re here to help. Last year ended with plenty of bad news around NFTs, but 2023 is the year of a fresh start. Fractis will be sharing some exciting new NFTs, that will let you invest in a better music industry.

New year, same old tokens? Not if Fractis has anything to do with it! We’re getting excited about the new music NFTs that will be championing independent musicians, whilst enabling fans to share in their success. Sound interesting? Learn all about it here!


Wrapping up 2022, we saw a lot of interesting news around NFTs. Class action lawsuits were filed against celebrities who endorsed JPEG based NFTs. In a “major” announcement, ex-president, Donald Trump, unveiled a collection of digital trading cards that were less than humble. Perhaps most notably, the value of NFTs in general plummeted – over 97% in some cases.

The outlook wasn’t looking rosy for NFTs, that’s for sure.

Despite all this, people weren’t giving up on NFTs just yet. Whilst it looked like NFTs were dying, those in the know were getting excited about NFTs with utility. Real life usefulness.

Industries have started recognising how helpful the technology at the core of NFTs can be for various processes. Smart contracts and the immutable nature of the blockchain make NFTs perfect for things like medical records, which can be shared easily between hospitals around the globe. Additionally, NFTs are ideal for things like logistics and supply chain records.

Whilst this might not sound as glamorous as a digital artwork of a bored ape being touted by an A-list celebrity, it suggests a brighter and more useful future for NFTs.

NFTs & Music Royalties

If you’re new around here, you might not know that, at Fractis, our favourite use for NFTs is music streaming royalty sharing.

We’re all about better music investment, and empowering independent artists to take back creative control over their art. No more middle, no more complex and convoluted contracts. The way it works couldn’t be simpler:

  • Artists create NFTs representing a share of streaming royalties for a song, EP, or album
  • Fans buy NFTs
  • Revenue goes directly to artists, to be used for future projects or works
  • Fans enjoy passive income generated by monthly streaming royalties
  • Fans can resell NFTs for a profit, and original creators enjoy a percentage of the resale revenue

We believe this is a fairer ecosystem, in which artists and fans can share in success, and support on another. There’s never been an opportunity to be quite as closely connected to your favourite artists. Go with your gut, place your bets, and invest in artists you believe are the next big thing.

New Music NFTs

We’ve been busy during 2022, getting ready to launch an NFT marketplace that has everything you need in one convenient place.

NFTs and blockchain technology can seem confusing and a little scary at first glance. We want to help people realise this doesn’t have to be the case. Our helpful launchpad will make it possible to both create and purchase NFTs without having any technical knowledge or advanced experience.

Connect a wallet and, with just a few clicks, buy a new music NFT, and build your portfolio with exciting artists that will make you money.

Fractis celebrates independent musicians of all kinds. This is why we’re working hard to ensure a diverse and varied offering of NFTs, spanning as many genres as you can imagine. Whether you’re obsessed with lofi hip-hop, or you’re all about the heaviest of metal, we’ll have an NFT for you.

Sign up to Fractis now, and be ready to invest in some new music NFTs that’ll make your 2023!