Fractis is a music streaming royalties sharing platform, and NFT marketplace. If you’re not quite sure what that means, or whether it even matters to you, allow us to fill you in.

Are you a music lover or a music maker? Maybe you’re both! If you’re nodding your head, then Fractis is most certainly for you. Of course, you’re not just going to take our word for it – so, let us explain.

What Is Fractis?

First things first – what is Fractis?

As we said, it’s an NFT marketplace for the sharing of music royalties. But, what does that actually mean? Well, we believe that there’s a better way for the music industry to work. A way that allows fans to be more connected to the artists they love, and one where artists are rewarded properly for their gifts.

Fractis is also a web3 platform, which means it is owned and maintained by its users. Built on the Solana blockchain – chosen for its minimal environmental impact – the marketplace facilitates vast numbers of transactions, taking mere seconds.

It’s a fast, secure, and exciting way to invest in music.

How It Works

Musicians generate earnings from several avenues; performances, merchandise, and royalties (to name a few). However, they rarely get a large cut of these earnings, and have very little control over it.

If you’re a music lover, you’ve probably felt good when you’ve bought a record. You feel you’re directly contributing to the artist’s success and helping to fund their future projects. This is true, but the money from your purchase won’t go directly to the artist.

The same applies to music streaming, which is a huge and growing source of revenue for the music industry today.

With Fractis, an artist can create NFTs, which represent a percentage of their music streaming royalties. They choose what songs or projects they share the royalties for, and what percentage they share. On top of this, they also decide how much they sell the NFTs for, as well as how many they create.

A music lover then becomes an investor when they purchase one of these NFTs. They will receive recurring income generated by streaming royalties for as long as they hold the NFT.

Should they wish to sell it on at a later date, they can. The original artist will get a percentage of this resale, and the first buyer may gain a profit, if the NFT has increased in value.

Who Is Fractis For?

We’ve already revealed that Fractis is for music lovers and music makers. But, we want to really clarify why.

The Music Maker

Pursuing your passion for music isn’t always easy. Funding projects can be a challenge that most musicians have to face. There’s also the question of whether you give control over to someone else, or strive to keep it yourself whilst you grow your career.

Fractis helps artists to grow, whilst offering extra revenue opportunities at the same time as maintaining total control. The benefits of selling music royalties as NFTs include:

  • Connection – By letting your fans directly invest in your music, you create connection on a much deeper level.
  • Instant Revenue – Rather than having to wait lengthy amounts of time for revenue to build up before you can embark on your next project, benefit from an instant payout.
  • Passive Income – Setting a resale percentage allows you to receive additional income later down the line, which will always be a welcome surprise.

The Music Lover

There are a number of great reasons why Fractis is for you, if you consider yourself a music lover.

  • Value Music – Loving music means you understand its value. By investing in music royalties, you help to give music back that value, and repay artists for their craft and hard work.
  • Be Part of History – Say you were there at the beginning of the royalties revolution. Get involved in a shake up of the industry that could change how artists work forever!
  • Build a Collection – Learn and develop skills in investment and trading whilst building a lucrative collection of music NFTs. Truly own a collection that doesn’t just sit there, but makes you money as well.

If you’re a music lover and fan, you’ll be pleased to hear you don’t need deep pockets to get involved in Fractis. So many of the major NFT marketplaces are filled with expensive and inaccessible NFTs. It’s great to see art being valued so highly, but it’s a shame when it blocks fans from supporting creators.

Fractis prides itself on building an ecosystem that is for artists at all stages of their careers. It’s not just about big numbers and super high profile artists here. We’re also dedicated to representing all corners of music. The Fractis marketplace is a home for everything, from ambient electronic chill hop, to high octane progressive metal.

Sign up to Fractis today, and be first in line when the next best NFT marketplace launches!