Leading the royalties revolution, Fractis enables artists to sell royalty ownership of their songs, whilst giving fans the ability to support musicians directly. Championing the two things that artists and fans can only ever benefit from – transparency & accessibility.

You may have heard of NFTs before. Perhaps you’re a blockchain buff, crypto curious, or maybe you don’t have a clue. It doesn’t matter which camp you’re in. As long as you love music, have a passion for the industry, and enjoy exciting journeys, Fractis is for you. Discover a world of better music investment opportunities right here!

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Royalty Sharing
What Is Fractis?
Who Is Fractis For?
How Does Fractis Work?
Why Is Fractis Different?
Coming Up

Royalty Sharing

There’s big business in music rights. You may have noticed the swathes of incredibly popular artists, such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, and Stevie Nicks, selling the rights to their back catalogues for unprecedented figures.

While these deals have been transacted between huge labels and large corporations, the concept isn’t unattainable to the everyday music fan.

How Things Used to Be

Previously, if you weren’t a label, publisher, or private equity firm, you wouldn’t get much of a slice of the music ownership pie. Music investment was reserved for the likes of the suits and fat cats.

Artists would only retain a small percentage of music ownership, which sounds pretty wrong for something they’ve lovingly created, right? Generally, dealings would often be done very privately, with little to no transparency trickling down to artists and fans.

How It Should Be

One of the most powerful things in the music industry (besides the music itself!) is community. A sense of togetherness and family that is fostered between musicians and their audiences.

Opening up greater royalty sharing opportunities allows for better music investment for fans, and solid support for artists. Putting control back in the hands of the creator, music ownership can finally be something everyone can enjoy, no matter your business, budget, or background.

Using blockchain technology, there’s no under the table exchanges or deals done in the shadows. All parties know exactly where they stand, and can enjoy music ownership safely and securely.

What Is Fractis?

Fractis is a music NFT marketplace, but with an incredibly important difference. Here, we believe that everyone should get the opportunity to own music and share in their favourite artists’ successes.

We’ve built a platform that uses NFTs and blockchain technology in a way that anyone can get on board with. An accesible launchpad lets you get involved with music investment – whether an artist or fan – without any specialist knowledge or expertise.

Learn about an exciting new technology and industry, and grow to become a fully fledged investor, collector, and dedicated member of the community!

Who Is Fractis For?

You may have clocked this by now, but Fractis is perfect for people who love music. Similarly, it’s also great for anyone looking to build a community for their music, and get involved in the royalties revolution!


  • Connection. As a music artist, selling royalty shares on Fractis enables you to build a deeper connection with your fan base. Letting your fans have a real stake in your career by becoming partial owners of the royalties means they can help drive your music, whilst you build a targeted audience.
  • Generate Instant Revenue. Sell royalty shares in your music in order to generate immediate revenue. You decide what to sell and exactly how much you sell it for. Set and maintain value for your music, and be fairly compensated for your work. Enjoy instant revenue, which can help fund future creative projects.
  • Earn Recurring Revenues. Artists can add a secondary sale royalty when NFTs are created. As a result, every time music royalties are resold and traded on the Fractis marketplace you will receive a percentage of the sale. Who doesn’t love passive income?


  • Give Music Back Its Value. Help drive independent revenue that goes directly to the artist, giving the value back to music that it deserves. Be more closely connected to artists you love by playing an active part in their revenue stream.
  • Own a Piece of Music History. Get involved in the pairing of exciting new technologies and the reinvention of an old hat music industry structure. Be there at the beginning of change, and reap the rewards via monthly earnings.
  • Build a Lucrative NFT Portfolio. Develop your knowledge and skills in collecting, trading, and investing in NFTs. Own the rights for music, old and new, on a safe and secure blockchain that’s environmentally friendly.

How Does Fractis Work?

Fractis enables you to get into music investment by buying and selling fractional royalties. But, at this point, you’re probably wondering how it works. We’ll give you a quick run down now, with a more detailed explanation coming soon.

This marketplace sits on the Solana blockchain – known for its speed, security, low transaction (gas) fees, and minimal environmental impact. Royalty shares are bought and sold on the Fractis marketplace as NFTs, which are stored in your crypto wallet.

For those of you who feel like they’re hearing a foreign language when that stuff is talked about, here are the basics!

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. In economics, fungible essentially means “interchangeable”. Take, for instance, a cryptocurrency token like SOL. One SOL can be swapped for another SOL, and you’ll have the same thing that you started with. This also applies to regular currency like US dollars or British pounds.

So, if a token is non-fungible, it cannot simply be swapped. An NFT is a token that lives on the blockchain and contains a unique set of data. This data identifies you as the sole owner of that particular NFT, which will have its own value. You can trade and sell NFTs for the cryptocurrency SOL on Fractis. In a few words, an NFT is a digital certificate of authentication.

Music NFTs

Whilst NFTs might still feel new, music NFTs are even newer. Experimenting with different things, lots of artists who have created music NFTs tokenise the audio or accompanying digital art. This is then sold as a digital collectible, stored on the blockchain.

Whilst whoever buys this NFT will own it, it doesn’t mean they own the music itself. To be able to truly say you own a piece of the music, you would need to buy the rights to it – or, at least, a fraction of them.

Fractional Royalties

On Fractis, artists can choose to sell a fraction of their music rights – specifically the streaming royalties – as NFTs to fans. The control remains with the artist, who decides what percentage of royalties they sell, and how much they sell them for.

The selling of royalties is fast and secure, thanks to smart contracts. This technology executes transactions and functions when the terms of the smart contract are met. As a result, there’s no need for an intermediary, plus there’s no dispute over ownership.

Artists can enjoy immediate payment for a share of streaming royalties, which can be used to fund other projects. Fans can support their favourite artists, whilst receiving a fraction of the streaming revenue of the music they have invested in.

Reselling Royalties

At Fractis, we understand the benefits of both long-term investment and trading. To build a supportive network and community, the Fractis marketplace has been designed to reward the artist and fan at every stage.

If a fan feels it’s time to sell one of their NFTs, they can do so within Fractis. The seller, having made a shrewd music investment, may make a profit if the asset has increased in value. When the NFT sells, the original artist will receive a percentage of the resale revenue. This percentage is set by the artist when the NFT is first created.

To sum up, fans can enjoy streaming royalty passive income as well as resale earnings, and artists benefit from resale passive income every time their NFT is traded. It’s a win-win-win-win…

Why Is Fractis Different?

If you’re not well versed in crypto and NFTs, you might be skeptical. “Aren’t NFTs dying out? Why would I want to get involved in royalty sharing this way?”

Until now, most NFTs have been static, unchanging things, like images, videos, and avatars. You might get to share them on your social media, but that’s about it. They don’t actually do anything for you, or provide you with more value. What’s more, there’s nothing stopping someone from taking a screenshot or downloading the JPEG of your NFT.

Valuable NFTs

At Fractis, we see that it’s time to change the way NFTs are used and thought about. By taking a productive asset, like music streaming royalties, people can hold NFTs that work for them. We’ve outlined it already, but this kind of NFT can continue to make you money, whether artist or fan, without actually lifting a finger!

It isn’t just about financial value, either. It’s the opportunities.

This system and marketplace empowers artists to continue to create and do what they are passionate about. It opens up a new world of music investment for fans, whilst allowing them to get closer and more connected to creators they love.

In the name of accessibility, Fractis invites artists big and small to get involved. By setting their own prices, investors of all levels can have a piece of the action.

Backed by RouteNote

Fractis is backed by RouteNote, one of the world’s leading music distributors. RouteNote offers independent artists the tools and resources to reach a global audience across all of the biggest streaming platforms on their own terms.

This partnership ensures a constant supply of both established and up-and-coming artists accessing Fractis.

Owned Technology

Unlike other NFT marketplaces and exchanges, Fractis utilises its own technology to facilitate sales and resales.

This means no need to rely on third-party organisations to execute functions. We can keep an eye on everything, and ensure it’s running smoothly and securely.

Coming Up

This is only the beginning, and we’re brimming with visions and big ideas at Fractis.

We’re working hard to prepare everything in order to launch the world’s newest and greatest music NFT marketplace. Keep your eyes peeled for exciting updates, announcements, and of course launches!

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